Common Topics Covered In Outdoor Training Courses

Without a doubt, outdoor instructor training courses are an excellent option if you plan to want to be a leader of outdoor activities. However, it’s important to get specialised training in the activities you’d like to lead. Training courses can be in a wide array of different topics, including:
1. Safety/Rescue techniques
These are critical issues when leading any outdoor activities. Even when you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, there’s always a chance that an emergency could occur. It’s thus critical to ensure that you know the necessary techniques for providing assistance to people who need it while engaging in various outdoor activities. There’s always a chance that you’d never need to conduct a rescue while leading such activities. Hopefully you’d never have to. However, it’s still critical to know how to conduct them in the safest manner possible, and to be ready for such situations if they’d ever arise.

2. Lifeguard Qualification
This is one of the most critical types of training needed for outdoor training on or near coasts. Water accidents are one of the most common ones in outdoor activities, highlighting the need for their leaders to have the proper training to ensure that participants are as safe as possible. There are various aspects related to lifeguard qualification. In particular, it’s important to be prepared for various accidents that occur during the activities near water. Besides that, it’s important to learn other lifeguarding skills, including how participants can take steps to maximise their level of safety during outdoor activities.

3. Hill/Mountain Training
Ascending and descending hills and mountains require special skills that both you and participants in outdoor activities should be aware of. This is particularly true as the steepness and terrain of such land formation can potentially cause dangerous situations. That’s why it’s critical to have proper training about the best and safest techniques to use when going up or down a hill or mountain. This will help to maximise the safety of the activity, and help to keep everyone in your group safe.

4. Aquatic First Aid
If you’re going to lead outdoor activities in water, and especially underwater ones, it’s important to have training for aquatic first aid. Activities around water create an additional safety issue as there’s always a chance that people could experience problems being on or under the water. Thus, it’s important to have sufficient training as an outdoor activity leader.

5. Minibus Driving
This is another important skill that you should have as an outdoor activity leader. Sites for outdoor activities are often located in places that require you and your group to travel there by a vehicle such as a minibus. Thus, the skill of minibus driving can be particularly useful as it will help to transport your group safely to the site. However, operating such vehicles requires specialised training, which you can learn at a training course for outdoor instructors. It is yet another way that you can have all the skills necessary for leading groups in outdoor activities, including ones needed to get them there.

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